ACK church choir at Obbitu children Home

01Today Obbitu children received our brothers and sisters from ACK church Moyale who pay us courtesy call at obbitu children home to spray the message of “God Love You”.

02they travel all the way from Moyale town to Sololo remember the Orphan child who has no other people to take care of but left under the mercy of well wishers and any other God fearing citizen to fullfill their future dreams, just like any other people outside there.

05they have Donated so many things including cloths,soft drinks etc.they also did spiritual counseling to children,thanks to the ACK church choir.continue to bring us food of thought.”Help us to help them”

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we received a heart lifting visitors from ACK church moyale and had a very wonderful Saturday on 3/8/2019. they brought love laughter, prayers and awesome gifts. we were very grateful.they wee advises for the children and free mingling and walking with children around children houses. 11

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