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Based on the current climatical situation in Sololo, the Elino rain was minimal and water pans are likely to dry in the next 2 months; therefore a long drought is expected as LANINA weather phenomenon.

Lack of food will be experienced, water shortage for domestic use and livestock will be experienced.
Our beneficiaries are the most vulnerable in such circumstances. Therefore looking in to the future
I proposed the following activities
1. Provision of 100 litre water containers and 20 litres container for the households without such water storage facilities. For budgeting 100 families can be done.
2. Purchase 1 water boozer for Obbitu children home which will give water for our families free but won the other hand can sell water to the community, this will sustain the vehicle and pay the driver
3. Food voucher families to be increased from 35 members to 60 members so that it can caution in case of an increase in the number of malnutrition cases among the families.
4. Budget for monthly food ration to increases in terms of cereals and cooking Oil to last 30 days. May be from 250,000 to 350,000/= per month
This is just our inputs for fundraising we did not say it should be in our budget.

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