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(brani estratti dalla corrispondenza tra gli operatori di CIPAD)

Fam 022 – very urgent consideration

Good evening all.nice to tell you that there was heavy rain in sololo we celebrated the heavy down pour others on the other hand were serfering alot due to the sorry state of their shelter this case may I take this opportunity to inform you particularly on the issue of fam 022 whose shelter is about to collapse and no longer protect them from rain exposing them to harsh weather condition which might even result to pneumonia or any other cold related diseases.001 002

This evening I pay a visit to the family and found the situation is very bad more so the mother has a new born baby who cannot with stand the harsh weather.

Just for curiosity I also enquire for the rent in the neibours rental house which they said its between 1.000 to  1.500sh per month.
So prevention is better than cure.plz put into account the situation of this fam  and consider it as very urgent while we wait for shelter improvement. The pictures for shelter will be sent soon. 004 003

Thanks for your Quick  reply and  also giving this matter  the urgency it deserve.we will also act very fast. as early as even today. services to Humanity is service to  God

we have identified a rental house for Family 022. they can move in anytime from now.

Ciao. the fam-022 have moved to a temporary dry shelter where they can now be protected from cold and Rain. they are very happy and thankful to the sponsors.

here are their pictures migrating which i witneesed.

Moving to a safer place

Moving to a safer place




Cipad Staff helping the fam to migrate to a better shalter

Cipad Staff helping the fam to migrate to a better shalter


New temporary house for Fam-022

New temporary house for Fam-022























C’era una volta … La loro storia con noi inizia il 06/02/2011.

(brani dai rapporti degli operatori CIPAD)

Vivono in capanna provvisoria realizzata con i fogli di plastica forniti da CIPAD.
Consegnate: coperte-4 / kit-casa-1 / incremento quote cibo-1 / vestiario

10-08-2012Fam-022 (3)_800x600

The family is under the care of mother,who is single but really struggle to support her family;father not alive.
Mother practice some small business but due to capital she is facing challenges.
They mainly depend on Cipad and Government relief food.
They have received kit casa, blankets,sufuria and many other things from cipad.


The family is under the care of mother,who is single but hardworking.
They mainly depend of Cipad and Government relief  food on monthly base.
Mother practice small Bussiness. but this days one her daughter H. G. servered From Epilepsy  and referred to big hospital in Nairobi therefore she become mentally and emotionally disturbed.
They need better shelter and mosquito net.


The family is under the care of mother who is single.
They mainly depend on CIPAD and Government relief food.
Theyalso benefit from food voucher.
She has small children 3 of them all are girls only one is slightly bigger to assist her mum.
Hadale who was epilptic is now fine after getting medication from big hospital.
They have received mosquito nets.

14-02-2014Fam-022 (9)_800x600 Fam-022 (6)_800x600 Fam-022 (5)_800x600 Fam-022 (4)_800x600

they family are doing well therefoe no much problem
they mother is active and she is running up and down to find for something to for her children.
Currently she is going to where there in construction to sell tea to people who are on site in that case she can get something like 200 or even 250shs per day if the deal is good some times she can sell tea and some chapati on credit.
She is also benefit from CIPAD food voucher for 2014.therefore the family has something to depend on.
Children too are doing well at school as all of them has passed to the next level and the youngest girl has also attende nursery school at catholic nursery school.

30-08-2014Fam-022 s_600x450_800x600 Fam-022a_600x450_800x600 Fam-022 (10)_800x600 Fam-022 (2)_800x600

Tthe family is doing well.although all children go to school the mother is very active, she prepare food for children very early in the morning then at 8.00am she go to fetch water for sale using the donkey she received from the projectand 3 jerry cana of 20ltrs she received from CIPAD, one donkey normally carry 4 jerry cana of 20ltrs  she borrow 1 from neighbours.
The mama go to fetch water 3 times per day from Dam which is 4kilometer and she sellthat water to constuction site and even to homes. 1 jerry cane is betweeen 25-30 shs
Her children after school they help their mother to break stones for  sale to  construction site, 1 wheeborrow of stone (balst) is 200shs and even now she  has almost 40 wheelborrows of balast is at home waiting for custumers just broken by this mama and her 2 chidren
they has received donkey and 3,20ltrs jerry cane from CIPAD.
The compund is very cleanand silent.
They have all the kit casa.
The mother thank to the project for donkey and jerry cane as this will  help them now and in future.

20-02-2015Fam-022 (4)_800x600 Fam-022_800x450_800x450 Fam-022 (20)_800x600 Fam-022 (21)_600x450_800x600

The family are doing well.
They have received Donkey from the project which they use to fetch water and firewood for sell and home comsumption the mother said the Donkey which was provided has really transform positive they life. Foreample she if we take a kilo of sugar  credit at least our donkey we can sell one trip of water and pay the credit beofre the end of the day.
The mother one time was admitted to sololo mission hospital  the bill was settled  by the project through NHIF insurance.
They have received water purifier from CIPAD

19-08-2015Fam-022 (9)_450x600_450x600 Fam-022 (22)_600x450_800x600 Fam-022_600x450_800x600

They are doing well.they are using the donkey very well.
Their donkey has been dewormed by vetenary officer sponsored by CIPAD.
They need The hut is very small and in bad condition therefore need new  shelter

11-02-2016Fam-022 (2)_800x600 Fam-022 (3)_800x600 Fam-022 (3)_800x450_800x450

The family are doing well.


The family are doing well.
Their hut is a very serious condition  therefore need urgent attention

26-02-2017Fam-022 Kichen_800x600 Fam-022 (4)_800x600

The family are doing well
they have received mosquito  nets from Government
they also received 100ltrs jerry cane form CIPAD.

25-08-2017Dam-022 Evacuated_800x480 Fam-022

They shelter is become unsafe for them day by day.one day the baboons inveded the homes which is located at the foot of mount Borole,
eat their food,kill the Chicked provided by the project.
By then the mother went to fetch water 5km away the children were at school, they dont have neighbours as the house is like in the bush.
They are therefere in serious need of the shelter.
The mother has given birth to a baby girl.

New temporary house for Fam-022

New temporary house for Fam-022

Questa storia è in attesa del suo lieto fine …

Stiamo costruendo la nuova casa …

strutures of shelter for fam

strutures of shelter for fam-022

roba kosi the skilled labour he is in our HBC program

roba kosi the skilled labour he is in our HBC program

shelter under construction for fam. 022

shelter under construction for fam. 022

I lavori procedono molto celermente

I lavori procedono molto celermente

Fam-022 (3) Fam-022 (4) Fam-022 (2)_800x480

Anche così usiamo i vostri soldi che ci affidate per loro.



Completate anche le ultime rifiniture …

Fam-022 (2)_800x600 Fam-022 (3)_800x600 Fam-022 (4)_800x600 Fam-022 (7)_800x600 Fam-022 (8)_450x600 Fam-022_800x600Fam-022 (6)_800x600

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