Progetto-Sololo; ecco il pensiero dei collaboratori locali …

Project-Sololo; here is the thought of the local collaborators …

1- There is  no organization  operating in the area to support orphans  and  vulnerable  families

2- Sololo project has been supporting over 100 families and  1000 beneficiaries  directly and  indirectly .

3- The project is in the  process of  making  some  of  the families  self sufficient.  So far 49 families exited  translating  to over 300 children  according  to  Database. This  is done  after  they  have  moved  from risk  level.

4- About  13 children have  been exited  from Obbitu  children home to the levels of  secondary education  hence  on the  process of realizing their potentials which in turn will also graduate their families from poverty.

5- We have some good  students  who  are moving on the  right  direction  and  will put a smile  on  our face as  the  project . … They will  help as to write a new chapter and success story  for sololo project. In this case I suggest if  we help them to achieve  their objectives.

I was trying to tell  you  that Sololo project  are  the pioneers of the success we are  expecting in the  coming years

Despite of economic ups and  downs in the  running of this  project, I can  confidently  say  so far we are going on the  right direction  with  the  guidance  from the donors. We must  be  proud of  the level  we have  reach.

If we look at  the interest of   an individual  the project   will  loose its  focus  and  at  the same  time  everybody should see the future of this  project  as that ouch  their life  directly, the success of the project is the success for all of us. Personally I love my job and  I have seen success of the project  and hope to see more in near future.

Some of the success im realizing  are:  Sololo project has been assisting its  beneficiaries on .

Food and  Nutrition. This is mainly  food donation  and  supplementary  feeding

Shelter and Care– this are shelter repair, shelter construction, provision of household items and personal effect for the children.

Education- payment of school fees for the secondary students,

–          Quality education by taking the children to academy

–          Reward scheme to promote  competition among students

–          Provision of school uniform,stationary and textbooks

–          Provision of solar kit  for class 8 and form fours student  for revision

–          Follow up on enrollment ,retention and transition to next level.

–          Provide counseling on the importance of education  and career development.

Health – Provide   health education and hygiene practices

–          Enroll all caregivers to Health insurance services

–       Conduct health assessment of all children bi annually and make follow up on malnutrition and underweight.

–          Conduct HIV testing and counseling for all  beneficiaries and also new enrollment thereafter  do the necessary  referrals on the event of abnormality.

… all this  is what the project are  currently doing and  its done  in the best interest of the target  beneficiaries who are OVCs and  who still have not realized their potentials  but in line to reach their Objectives. I say Sololo project is  a Call of Nature that has come into being to make  the vulnerable community in the society to achieve their object who otherwise remain neglected  and become  street families. And in long run  may create  class of haves and have not.(those have will  live a good life and those have not will live miserable life)

“I therefore advice all of us in the sololo project, let us not kill our dreams prematurely” focus on how to achieve our set goals and objectives.

“When children are  happy we are also happy!!”

Let our interest not remain as priority but serving the children  first any other things later.

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