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“A beautiful story that can tell us so many things … if you have the patience to read it, putting yourself in context”.

we were excited about the event of releasing the children to relatives. to link children to their relatives  is our best moments.

this is a success story for H. S.

H was received in Obbitu children home from Sololo hospital through the administrator sister j. and police. it now 9 years he was growing in obbitu children  . he was the only child who could not refer to any relative outside obbitu children. while other children talk of their so and so relatives , H. could not join in the conversation. this discussion  somehow stigmatized him. After we observed this mood, we embarked on the journey to trace the family  of the late H.’s mother in  2018. this was when we agreed with the OVC management that there is a need to link and integrate the children with their relatives. we realized we  did not have one for H.

we visited wayegoda and found the grandmother and an Auntie. we talked about H. S. to them  and how is was  admitted to obbitu children and now he was about 8 years old.

the grandmother told us that she knew the son of her daughter  was in Obbitu children home. she did not even know his name. reason being stigma around the birth which was a rape case of mentally challenge lady by a person who live in Wayegoda and they know him but could not do any thing about it.

we  requested the grandmother to over come the stigma since H. has grown big and eventually will need you as his relative, we requested her to talk to other family members.

in April 2019 when we released the children for the first holiday permission,we also took H. to Wayegoda to see his grandmother we also brought her a present as the customs provides.

in August for the second time we took H. for a visit to the familys this time we found the uncle, Auntie and grandmother. they took photos together and the conversation of acceptance was complete. At one time, after the visit the Auntie brought H. a cup of Milk. we were all happy and joyful. h. found his relatives ,they accepted him and h. could confidently talked about his grandmother and his uncle. there was no more stigma. he also have family roots , they live in Wayegoda

on 27th of November,2019 during the end of the year party, we invited the relative and the uncle came to be with H. i posed a question to the uncle are you ready to go home with halkano for the holiday permission for 1 and half month, he readily said  “YES”

that was the best moment for me. as i write this email H. did not sleep in Obbitu but slept in Wayegoda. for us now it to monitor as their relationship grow stronger.

to be part of the journey for stronger relationship for H. and his family we have decided to register the family in our HBC program as they are also needy especially the grandmother is very old and blind  and also as a sign of appreciation for accepting H. despite the bad culture and community stigma.

i propose in future we can give 1 cow for H. to take to Wayegoda and cared for by his uncle.

this is a win for H. and a win for the program for sustainability

thank you, rgds G.G.

Thank you for your report and even more for the brilliant work you have done for the good of Halkano. It is a beautiful story to tell our supporters, as it enhances with the facts the authentic meaning of the objectives of the project-sololo. Give you the opportunities to realize what you know to be right.

This is a story of H. based on aspects of tradition which, although they had a reason to exist in the past, today, once the old conditions of life have disappeared, appear to be too harsh and inhuman; but still very difficult to eradicate from the local culture. Once punitive rules such as these allowed communities to remain united through their strict observance by all. This allowed the group to survive in conditions where the individual could never do it alone.

The transition to the new model of life cannot be traumatic, especially for the elderly who identify the loss of respect for the rules with the end of tradition. They struggle to understand that instead Tradition will continue to live precisely because of all those other rules that have transmitted, and will continue to do so, the eternal and universal values: acceptance, sharing, mutual support, … Just put the “Man at the center “, before anything else (profit, business. Money, …) seeing him as a non-Italian citizen, borana, … but” citizen of the world “; all brothers as children of one God.

we are working on tracing the relatives for  B. M.  we are still thinking what we can do for H. every child has his/ her unique story that can be be told and should integrate them back into the community for continuity of life and the living……….

 … as i earlier reported we have left with 5 children in Obbitu children home. the mother of the 2 children a sister and brother from moyale has been coming to obbitu demanding for her children we refused to release the children to her on the ground for her mental disorder. the mother is real crazy and has been causing psychological distress to the children. she was hurting the feeling of the children. as their mother they want to be with her because they do not understand the mental disorders of their mother. they want to be allowed  to go for holiday permission. we have reported to children officer and police in Sololo they all agree with us that in the best interest of the children we should not release the children to the mother but only to a responsible family members and relatives we agreed to take the children to Moyale myself along with the mother to other family members and relatives tomorrow for holiday permission.we shall advise  them to bring the children back on expiry of the holiday permission.(go to a less beautiful story) this will be communicated to children officer as i planned to pay a courtesy call on his office and further on the exit of the 5 children who completed their primary  class 8 level. hence we shall only remain with 3 children in obbitu . i will also discuss with the children officer on new admission into obbitu children as need arises to feel in the  vacant spaces

C. will have his referral to Agakhan hospital tomorrow with Paul and his uncle A.T. we shall update you on the progress and Drs’ recommendation

(traduzione in italiano)

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