• The HBC families supported by the Sololo Project are currently n. 101
  • The children in the program are currently n. 282
  • Students in secondary and high schools are currently n. 88
  • The monthly food support provided remained in the usual amount despite the increase in prices of all food items
    During the month, in extra forecast budget:
    -2 DLight solar kits have been purchased, but not yet distributed.
    -the extraordinary maintenance of no. 2 houses.
    -No new clothes were supplied. 36 children
    -Were delivered n. 7 mattresses to replace old worn ones
    -Were purchased No. 4 heifers for Obbitu Village

The paperwork for the issue of birth certificates for n. 14 children. Certificates essential to be able to register minors with the national health service.


Secondary school tuition payments have been revised due to some students delaying delivery of their schools’ pricing plans and earnings reports; in some cases the delays are attributable to the schools themselves.


– the 2nd tank is full to the brim and all the tanks are also full; with the exception of one that leaks as a result of damage

– we discussed how to make the most of this rainy season

– some seedlings were not transplanted in time

– the greenhouse fence needs to be repaired, especially the lower part that touches the ground which has been destroyed by wild animals.

– pipes for pumping water to drip irrigation overhead tanks are starting to look old and worn out.

– one of the water pumps has developed a wear problem.

– a large plastic greenhouse cover and its support ropes are wearing out in the heat of the sun.

– there was probably a lack of close supervision by the management team.