25 MAY 2023 – MINUTES of the STAFF ASSEMBLY of Cipad

The meeting is a normal routine and has the purpose of discussing each other’s tasks and duties.

All the staff are on good terms with each other and continue to improve in the commitment and professionalism already achieved.

The president confirmed that donors are willing to acknowledge, as soon as possible, an award (more than deserved by them) for the work done during the famine.

The members confirmed the reading of the minutes of the resolutions of the previous meeting.


The president of Cipad touches various areas of the ongoing project.

Some of the activities need to be improved, such as:

– the inspection related to cleanliness, which is sometimes not carried out;

– children make a mess every time they receive biscuits and sweets from their guardians and therefore children must be advised to use the rubbish bins correctly which have always been placed in the area.

– since after returning from holidays, the distribution of library books to children has not resumed;

– Mothers complain about the wear and tear of some mattresses. The president promptly agreed, informing that the management is fully aware of this and that new mattresses will soon be made available.

– The village father suggested that some worn-out mosquito nets also need to be replaced. The president replied that there is already an adequate supply of new mosquito nets in the warehouse and therefore authorized their use.

– Staff holidays are going very well. The mums have just returned from their holidays and there have been no complaints about the replacements.

Children who have gone on holiday with relatives and/or temporary host families have lost weight. The data was confirmed by the mothers of the Obbitu Village who take care of them. However, despite the weight loss, the children liked these holidays and the educators are convinced of their usefulness to encourage their interaction with the community, thus gradually helping them to understand the difficulties of life in this area.

– Children’s clothing is correct and kept in order.

– Children’s nutrition is good with 5 meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner). There is always food available upon request. All health checks are well fed

– Community life requires special attention to hygiene and preventive health care. For example. it is necessary to periodically shave the hair and keep the body clean since it is easy to get infected even at school (eg lice). Mothers were advised to teach and supervise children’s use of soap because there is also waste from improper use.

– The management is urging the relevant government offices to ensure that all children of Obbitu Village, especially the latest arrivals, have birth certificates so that they can benefit from the NHIF national health service paid by Cipad

– Regarding school training, the president informs that there are many problems due to the many weaknesses of the schools themselves. You don’t learn enough in school.

– Some of the children of the village do very well in school, being among the top of their classes. They love to read in the evening after dinner and this is good behavior which should be encouraged and assisted with loving supervision.

– There are some problems here and there, such as the handling of school bags by minors

The president appreciated the work of all the guardians who are very motivated and punctual. New rubber boots will be provided. All the legal benefits of employment contracts are respected; national holidays are recognized and they enjoy the 30 days of holidays correctly. None of them filed any complaints.

– The president informed that the children of Obbitu Village now have 5 cows, including the big bull, and therefore it is the guardians’ responsibility to take care of them.

– Due to the rain the grass has grown rapidly making the complex bushy and new depressions have formed everywhere due to soil erosion. As a result, the president asked for the collaboration of the guardians for the care of the cows, the cutting of the grass where necessary and the filling of the depressions to prevent soil erosion from causing damage to the buildings.

– The president also reminded everyone that it is necessary to take advantage of the current ongoing rains by planting as many trees as possible within the Obbitu Village complex. About 40 trees have been planted so far but it is necessary to increase the number as much as possible.

– The operators of the agricultural area have informed that the greenhouses are doing well.

– The rainwater collection tanks are full; so too do all but one tank that has damage affecting losses.

Problems relating to crops, work equipment and beekeeping were tackled and discussed together.